CNS Pharmacology Classroom Session

CNS Pharmacology is a program designed for all Paramedics. You will learn how neurotransmitters and common drugs interact to produce the signs and symptoms we see in our patients. Through a practical understanding of first principles, you will be able to interpret the common presentations of various Toxidromes.

The British Columbia EMA Licensing Board has assigned 7 CE credits for completion of the Classroom Session.

In the classroom session we will explore the following issues:

– Risk vs. benefit for fluid administration in overdose states
– Risk vs. benefit for administration of Narcan
– Role of hypoxia in patient presentation
– Best practice for use of additional resources in complex NYDs
– Best practice for management of tricyclic overdose
– Best practice for management of pelvic fractures
– Scene management
– Advanced history taking
– Advanced patient assessment techniques

This course can be purchased with the prerequisite CNS Pharmacology printed material and Introductory Course options or as an upgrade if you have already purchased the printed material.

There are no currently scheduled classroom sessions. Please contact us if you are interested in arranging a classroom session.

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