Personal Protection for your Brain printed material

Personal Protection for your Brain is a unique program designed for all Paramedics. In this pre-read you will learn how chronic stress changes our resistance to disease and pre-disposes us to severe psychological injury. You will also learn how to prevent injury and disease.

New research in resiliency is discussed as well as best practices in workplace management.

Most important of all, you will learn how to keep your workplace safe after a Critical Incident. You will understand why we cease to function safely after exposure to a critical event, and how to immediately care for those affected. Early interventions by a skilled facilitator may limit the damage of a critical incident, but it is more complicated than we initially thought. Furthermore, there are critical steps to take in the days and weeks after the incident to limit the risk of injury.

There are many emerging therapies to treat Acute Stress Reaction and PTSD and we will look at some of the most up to date information available. This manual is written for all first responders and uses case studies to explore important concepts directly relating to psychological injury.

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