The development of Creative Paramedical Education has been a 25-year undertaking. Its evolution has been driven by a passion for emergency medicine and a desire to provide excellent patient care. Our courses are designed for all Emergency Medical Personnel.

CNS Pharmacology was our first project and was designed to address the gaps in knowledge and deficiencies of traditional training models. We believe that for training to be effective, the message must be organized and clear. The training environment must be relaxed and enjoyable and the student must feel the concepts are relevant and interesting.

While writing the course content and designing our lesson plans for Creative Paramedical Education, we have tried to remember the power of curiosity. It is the driving force behind learning.
Although we are located in British Columbia Canada, our company is readily adaptive and can present these courses in any state or country.


“Last week 16 of us took a one-day class called
CNS Pharmacology and they did a great job. It was a great mix of Power Point and Video. We did several hands on scenarios using the information we learned in class to take it up a notch or two. I would recommend this class to anyone looking for 17 CME credits who has the desire to learn something new.”

– CNS Pharmacology student