Protocol Guidelines

Protocol Guidelines is a face to face program that attracts 18.5 pre-approved BC-EMA Licensing Continuing Education Credits.

Just take one of the following online courses and then attend a one-day face to face Protocol Guideline Course:

  • Pediatrics for Paramedics
  • CNS Pharmacology
  • Differential Diagnosis
  • Personal Protection for your Brain

This format gives you optimum flexibility and allows you to either learn or review based on your preferences and individual needs. Each of the four online courses will be reviewed during the face to face session but you don’t have to take them all to enjoy the day. You don’t have to even take one – but you will only get 8.5 credits for the day. If you like, you can take the face to face course later and still receive 10 credits for it.

When you register for the Protocol Guidelines day, you will receive a brief pre-read to prepare you for the day. This will bring you up to speed on protocol changes and updates as well as some high return information to support and enhance your skill set.

The classroom session will be an OSCE based format and is designed to explore and establish best practices.

By the end of the day. You will feel confident applying the new protocols and managing high acuity/low volume situations.

To receive 18.5 CE Credits, you must complete the online and classroom session in the same reporting period.

If you are interested in a Protocol Guidelines session, please see our expression of interest page or see under the Classroom Sessions menu above for scheduled sessions.