The Art of Differential Diagnosis

The Art of Differential Diagnosis is the most exciting course offering from CPE so far. It is a blend of important pathophysiology and high return facts. It is well researched and explores the latest advances in pre-hospital care. It will teach you to recognize important patterns and develop treatment options at top speed.

The Introductory Course or first part consists of a manual, animations and exam. This manual is written for EMR and PCP paramedics and uses case studies to explore important concepts directly relating to pre-hospital care.
The British Columbia EMA Licensing Board has assigned 10 CE credits for completion.

The second course is the Classroom Session. The British Columbia EMA Licensing Board has assigned 8 CE credits for completion.

Both the Introductory Course and the Classroom Session provide new knowledge in the following areas:
– The art of generating Differential Diagnosis
– Exposing the Heart and Some of Its Tricks
– Exploring the Brain (medicine’s last frontier)
– Demystifying Respiratory Illness
– Learning Key Features and High Return Concepts in Pharmacology, Toxicology, Obstetrics, Pediatrics And Trauma Care

The Introductory Course provides this information through reading and multi-media presentations. The Classroom Session delivers the information through simulation, discussion and exploration of best practices.

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